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PMS Breakthrough Conference


Physical Mental & Spiritual



Empowering Women to Break Free


 2nd Annual PMS Breakthrough Conference


It all began with a heartfelt dialogue about our shared passion for women and the myriad challenges we navigate unsupported. In this contemporary era, the pace of life has quickened, placing relentless demands on us. Consequently, our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being often suffer. Determined to make a difference, we conceived the idea of organizing our inaugural conference – a platform to inspire, uplift, and offer solace to women.

To our astonishment, the response was overwhelming; the conference sold out within a matter of days. Eager participants gathered, and the event proved to be a transformative experience, leading to remarkable breakthroughs and renewed strength. Due to the remarkable demand and the heartening feedback, we are thrilled to announce the return of our second annual conference.


This time, we're planning to make it even grander and more impactful. In this endeavor, we humbly seek your assistance. Your support will enable us to build upon the success of the previous year and create a gathering that stands as a beacon of strength, growth, and solidarity for women everywhere.


Together, let's create a movement that empowers and uplifts women in unprecedented ways 


That's why we're asking for your help in sponsoring the seminar. Your donations will be used to pay for venue & catering costs and equipment rentals .

By responding to the sponsorship call, you will not only contribute to a worthy cause but also extend your outreach to a new audience, while showcasing your support for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Pink Sugar

Who Attends the PMS Breakthrough Conference?


Our inaugural conference witnessed tremendous success, drawing a sold-out crowd of over 100 guests and featuring 15 vendors. This year, we anticipate another sold-out event, as ticket requests have been in high demand.

Envision your logo prominently showcasing your dedication to fostering holistic well-being – encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions – within the community.

Are you ready to join us in our mission to make it possible for women to experience profound connections in their Physical, Mental, and Spiritual well-being?


Our Sponsorship Packages

Showcase your brand to a substantial, captivated, and deeply engaged audience, but also gain visibility across numerous social media platforms boasting thousands of followers. Each of our packages are designed to give you a return on your investment. 

Premier Package


Your company  logo will be 

  • On the backdrop at the conference.

  • On all of our advertisements & website

  •  On all of our social media platforms reaching thousands of women.

PLUS, you'll have 15 minutes to introduce your company to our attendees and receive two VIP tickets to our conference.

Momentum Package


Your company  logo will be

  • On the backdrop at the conference.

  • On our website & social media platforms reaching thousands of women.

  • Brief description of your business mentioned

PLUS, you'll receive one mention during the event and one VIP ticket to our conference.

Success Package



Your company logo  will be

  • On the backdrop at the conference.

  • Your company will be mentioned on our social media platforms reaching thousands of women.

PLUS, you'll recieve one general admission to our conference.

We  welcome all donations, big or small. Every contribution is invaluable and will be used to provide tickets to our women's conference for those facing financial challenges. Your support will help empower women from diverse backgrounds and ensure their meaningful participation in this transformative event. 

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